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Let's go back to where it all began. Tell us about your childhood. I was born and bred in a small village called Matlhonyane in Mahikeng a small town in the North-West Province of South Africa. I form part of an eleven piece family being my late parents, four brothers, one sister, three late sisters and myself as the last born. I lived in Mahikeng until I was 14 years old then relocated to Soshanguve in Pretoria to live with my brother due to the death of my mom.

 For a 14 years old boy, How did you manage to be where you are today considering the loss of your parents ?  My parents did an amazing job raising me, They both have given me so much love and I have learnt a lot from them. However I owe so much of the man that I have become to my siblings especially my sister, they were there for me and have supported me in many ways, their love just got more stronger and stronger since my parents died.

What are some of the formative experiences and influences that helped mould you into the businessman you have become today? My primary responsibility as a young boy was looking after our family's livestock. This task taught me a lot about life. It is how I acquired skills such as coordination, analytical thinking, preventing losses and managing assets, It might not have made sense then, but I was given the responsibility of managing a significant portfolio of assets by my family, and in hindsight, I realised if one cow, sheep or goat went astray, the potential loss in monetary terms was high. Herding all the cattle home safely was an investment decision gone right.

Wow! Very interesting, Now please tell us about your educational background.  I did my primary education at Matlhonyane Primary School in Mahikeng, I then furthered my studied and matriculated in Pretoria at Setumo-Khiba High School in Mabopane. In 2010 I then enrolled to do a Diploma in Graphic Design and Web Programming at Rosebank College Pretoria, I then later relocated to Bloemfontein in the Free State province of South Africa where I furthered my studies and enrolled for a short course in Project Management and then later

in 2012 I did a course in Advanced Web Design and Programming with ATTI Bloemfontein where I graduated cum laude and was awarded with a gold medal for ATTI Best Student in Graphic Design and web Programming and also recieved a gold trophy for ATTI Student of the year 2012. I am still climbing the ladder to the ceiling of my career as such I am currently studying towards completing my Postal Graduate in Art and Design with the University of South Africa.

Impressive. Tell us about your career, when and how did you start and also how did you end up in business.  As soon as I graduated in 2012 I was lucky to be appointed as a Junior Art Director by one of the leading advertising agencies in the world called FCB in Sandton Johannesburg, at FCB I served with passion and love for creativity for prestigious brands like Vodacom, Nivea, Nivea Men, Vodacom Blue Bulls, Eucerin, Data Dot and many more exciting brands. As fresh as my skills were in 2014 I was honoured and given a challenge of a higher position as I joined another Marketing Agency for Vodacom sponsorship and events called Openfield in Midrand Johannesburg. At Openfield I served as a Designer and Desktop Publishing Operator, I worked independently for brands like Vodacom, Nedbank, Isuzu, Datsun, Hansa Pilsner and many more. As exciting these opportunities were, I reached a stage where I needed to acquire other skills and experience which is in line with my field of expertise being web/app design and development. This lead to the decision I took to relocate from Johannesburg to the warm city of Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal where I joined an awesome team of technicians for a company based in London in the UK called Fanmode where I served as a digital designer to develop Apps and websites. But then of course after having accumulated all these skills it was neccessary and wise for me to use them to my own benefit and shape my future, that is when I partnered with Future Ngcobo to establish a company called SNF Media which stands for Sonwabile and Future.

What have your failures in business taught you?  They've been life lessons, and not strictly business lessons. They have taught me to never give up, even in the face of massive adversity. If I start something, I see it through. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your vision coming to fruition. I've also learnt to optimise my time.

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I generally inspire others by living my purpose. I build great relationships by showing respect for other people's values.

I live to make the world a better place, one life at a time. That's my life purpose.